[GB] GMK Necro
[GB] GMK Necro
[GB] GMK Necro

[GB] GMK Necro

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The keys shown in the first image are all that will be included, exactly as shown.

All base kit orders will have a chance to win a free BroCaps artisan made to match GMK Necro. Tell your friends!

dmkeys.com/products/gb-gmk-necro-novelty-kit Novelties

dmkeys.com/products/gmk-necro-spacebar-add Spacebars

EUROPEAN PROXY - mykeyboard.eu

ASIAN PROXY - zfrontier.com

DMKeys Orders

Base - 54/250

Novelties - 49/100

Spacebars - 34/100

Combined Orders

Base - 80/250

Novelties - 70/100

Spacebars - 55/100


Base (At 250 MOQ): $145

(Totals will be updated daily)

GB will go until April 27, 2018 (tentative to extension)

Please feel free to voice any concerns or questions here in the Geekhack thread https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=92023